Expert Review at manufactum: Usability insights to optimize the shopping experience!

16. Mai 2024

At the beginning of the year, we had the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive expert review for manufactum. Our usability experts took a close look at manufactum's online shop to gather valuable knowledge that can improve the shop's user-friendliness. (To find out more about the expert review method, click here for the corresponding blog post).
The result of our investigation? A total of 91 insights that have the potential to optimise the shopping experience for customers. From adjustments on the product detail page to navigation optimisation - we looked at every facet! These insights are based on the various interaction principles that a system should fulfil to ensure user-friendliness. From suitability for the user’s tasks to user engagement, we have considered every facet of the shopping experience. For example, we developed suggestions for improving the positioning of the language switch and the usability of the filters to make it easier for customers to find products.
It is now up to manufactum to implement these proposed solutions.
We would like to thank manufactum for the opportunity to take part in this exciting project and look forward to continuing our great collaboration!

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