An e-commerce search for online businesses must be able to do one thing above all: it has to be able to find! Switch to a powerful tool now and make your search handling easier in daily use and increase the satisfaction of your online shoppers.
empiriecom product search
empiriecom product search

Search easily and find quickly

The search solution, specially developed for e-commerce requirements, offers an individually configurable free-text search for your online business and supports you as a very fast and error-tolerant search engine.

Thanks to an intelligent cloud architecture and numerous configuration options, you can optimise the search very precisely to your individual product range. In addition to search results, both the navigation and the associated product lists can be generated

What an intelligent
product search can do

Our product search can handle challenges such as varying article data quality or different languages very well. It is currently used in German and French webshops and can be extended to include other languages.

In addition to the standard functions of a search, such as word stem recognition, similarity recognition, spelling correction, handling of word divisions or the deletion of individually stored stop words, there is an easy-to-use backend.

Our product search has been in use in e-commerce for more than 15 years and has a high performance, reliability and fault tolerance.


Your products will be found thanks to a product search that provides the following features and support services:
  • Faceting (Faceted Search)
  • Replacements
  • NLP - Natural Language Processing
  • Intent Detection
  • Query Reduction
  • Synonyms
  • Suggest
  • Recommendations
  • Business Rule Tool
  • Navigation
  • Product lists
  • Banner framework
  • Statistics and Reporting
  • Search maintenance backend


How does the data processing work?

Product and category data are imported into the search and enriched if necessary. Among other things, the search index is generated from this. A simple HTTPs API call is used to pass the desired search term or the category to be output to the search and the result is returned as a JSON object.

How is the integration done?

  • Common definition of import and output format
  • Provision of initial test data
  • Configuration of the search and import of the data
  • Provision of the API interface
  • Implementation of the API response in the store system

How long does the integration take?

Depending on the complexity and individuality of the agreed formats, experience shows that integration can be completed within a few working days.

What is your contribution to a successful integration?

  • Data provision
  • Format definitions
  • Processing of the API response in the store system
  • Initial maintenance of the search (e.g. synonyms, direct links), if necessary with support from empiriecom

Facts & Figures -
Product Search in numbers


Online stores in the DACH region are currently using our search


years in use for high performance, reliability and fault tolerance


articles can be searched with our product search and is therefore suitable for small to large assortments

To see is to believe? Convince yourself.

Test our product search live

Test our suggestion search (Suggest)


Thanks to an intelligent architecture and numerous configuration options, you can optimise your search very precisely to suit your particular product range.

Business Rule

By integrating a business-rule-value, you can ensure that the business value of the products is taken into account in addition to their relevance, which can have a positive impact on your sales and revenue.

Customer satisfaction

You get a powerful tool that facilitates search handling in daily use and increases satisfaction when buying online.

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