Order Management

With the "Checkout" and "My account" modules, you can rely on a user-centered ordering process - from "shopping cart" to "order sent". Our checkout understands your users thanks to various login options and a wide range of payment methods.

Order Management

With the "Checkout" and "My account" modules, you can rely on a user-centered ordering process - from "shopping cart" to "order sent". Our checkout understands your users thanks to various login options and a wide range of payment methods.
order management by empiriecom


empiriecom order management
empiriecom order management

Order: easy, fast and safe!

Our goal is to meet the needs of customers in the ordering process and guide you to the purchase without distraction. With clear functions, transparent delivery and payment information as well as a service-friendly aftersales area, we also turn your visitors into regular buyers.

Because it is API-based, empiriecom order management can be used alone or with any shop system or ERP system. It can also be used as an independent white label solution. When used with the shop frontend, it works out-of-the-box and delivers a fully optimized UX.

We know frontend!

"Users first!" should be the motto. In reality, however, this often looks different. Poor forms, a lack of payment and delivery options, or a lack of error tolerance are just some of the most common usability hurdles in the checkout area. Through close cooperation with online retailers and users, our core modules "Checkout" and "My Account" have been developed and continuously optimized along the user-centered design approach.


our ordering process was developed itertively along the user-centered design approach and is constantly checked (e.g. Mouseflow)

Mobile first

The core modules “Checkout” and “My Account” can be connected to an APP solution thanks to standardized interfaces.

Payment methods

We offer a wide range of payment methods and services from billing to rates or PayPal to "Buy now-Pay later", just to name a few.

Ordering and delivery made easy!

Our ordering system has been developed and continuously optimized in over 20 years of cooperation with online retailers along the user-centered design approach .

Features such as "guest ordering" or a wide variety of shipping and payment methods are just as standard as payback integration or the intelligent handling of vouchers and promotions from a wide variety of sources.

The "My Account" area enables users to seamlessly track everything from the order through delivery to the return, as well as a view of shipment tracking and payment flows.


Reduce the abandonment rate in the checkout through consistent user centricity and data-driven decisions:
  • Display trustworthy seal of approval
  • Ensured compliance with GDPR and eprivacy guidelines
  • Usability-optimized templates
  • Existing, new customer and guest login
  • Different shipping methods
  • Extensive payment methods and also installment purchase
  • Payback integration
  • Interface to backend systems (CRM, ERP)
  • After sales through "My Account" area

We know Backend!

Many online retailers face technical and data protection-related challenges with the checkout. Ready-made shop solutions are often purchased, but they completely ignore the principle of modularity of an online shop.
Long deployment cycles, low performance and a lack of scalability only become apparent in everyday development and cast a shadow over the company's B2C strategy. We will help you to solve these challenges!


We have incorporated our more than 20 years of expertise in the professional and technical implementation of the checkout into the new development of state-of-the-art technologies.


We reduce complexity by creating standardized interfaces and relying on modular, cloud-based components of an online shop.


Our permanent team for jaw development works along agile processes and using SCRUM to constantly optimize the modularity and scalability of the checkout.


What do you get when you use empiriecom order management?

  • State-of-the-art product with high scalability thanks to cloud technology
  • High performance through single-page application
  • Highest standards for data protection and security
  • Order processing and fraud prevention
  • Definition of business rules according to your requirements
  • Use of multiple languages, localization, currencies
  • Permanent user focus

How do we keep this promise?

  • Experience from using the online shops of the BAUR Group
  • Participation in the further development of the different brands  
  • Individual advice

Which features can we not yet offer as a component in the short term, but can be individually integrated if you provide them?

  • Social login (Google, Facebook)
  • processing system
  • voucher handling

How can the integration look like?

  • Complete integration as part of the empiriecom commerce suite
  • Out-of-the-box use together with empiriecom shop frontend
  • API-based, so it can be used solo or with any shop system and ERP system  
  • Frontend: JWT 
  • Backend: REST-API

At what point are you part of the integration?

  • Provision of basic information (e.g. product data) and technical interfaces
  • Integration of the functional surrounding system (e.g. customer data)
  • Integration of fulfilment/invoicing
  • Content maintenance (CMS) of service information

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