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A modular architecture ensures fast loading performance, high maintainability and scalability. Thanks to short release and deployment cycles, you can serve your markets here and now.
empiriecom shop frontend
empiriecom shop frontend

Modularity brings agility

The development-friendly empiriecom store frontend is optimally designed as a micro frontend for the challenges of agile organizations in e-commerce. Microservices from backends finally find their equivalent in the frontend.

Depending on your needs, choose a managed Frontend-as-a-Service or a Self-Deployed Service.

How modularity increases your efficiency

New features can be developed independently, and can be live-set and tested easily, quickly and in isolation from other features. This form of agility leads to an increase in quality and productivity.

The API-based frontend operates with all modules of the empiriecom commerce suite. API connections to other headless commerce providers are also possible (e.g. ABOUT YOU Commerce Suite or commercetools).

Furthermore, the logic-less frontend can be easily adapted to the corporate identity of different brands in multishop environments by simple configurations via theming.


Your new web-based headless framework for editorial processes: Create, manage and publish content.
  • User-first, Mobile-first, Developer-first
  • Google optimized
  • Internationalisable
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Avaliability
  • Hybrid approach
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Composable Commerce makes your teams even faster!

Static and complex trading platforms are a thing of the past. Work with us to switch to a dynamic and flexibly expandable technology stack. The following products of the suite are ready for you.

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