E-Commerce Platform Technology

Our platform concept: synergy, innovation and cost efficiency.

We provicde development, integration, refinement, operation and optimisation of online shop technology as well as all necessary modules for online retailers.

The structure of our multi-client shop system is designed as a modular platform. Which means that it is based on the needs of our clients. Its performance parameters are designed to reach the maximum of customer orientation, quality of performance and availability. The continuous development of functionalities and modules ensures that technology and infrastructure are always corresponding to the state of the art. This approach ensures both an optimised customer experience and the competitivenes of our partners.

To guarantee sustainable success, potential benefits need to be  identified systematically. Determining these potentials is a process-driven and data- and innovation-oriented progress. This allows us to ensure an ideal aggregation of technology investments following the goal of realising viable business cases. With this in mind, the empiriecom network (Open Collaborative Network) has been designed to provide added value for all parties involved.

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