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11. Apr 2019
Johannes Haaf
The time has come

Team UCD – User Centred Design - the stage is yours!

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Our daily business

We – the UCD team – are a kind of 'agency within the agency' and offer services in the form of usability methods instead of taking care of a specific part of the shop like other units.

When setting up a test for a product or service, we first analyze the context in which it will be used in order to determine which requirements it has to meet. Following that, solutions are developed and tested on the user (the customer).

The UCD team utilises both qualitative and quantitative methods. Our clients are the BAUR Group and Otto Group subsidiaries such as Witt Weiden or SportScheck.


As part of the close cooperation with the empiriecom teams and the BAUR Group, we support our colleagues by providing training in the use of the dialogue principles (according to ISO 9241-110). This helps our colleagues to independently recognise (enablement) whether a violation of one of the 7 dialogue principles has occurred. If this is the case, they need to decide which course of action to take:

Either they can remedy the violation on their own (the correct solution can again be determined with the help of the dialogue principles), or it becomes clear that further information, directly from the users, is needed. In this instance, our Team Lead's phone rings and – depending on the research question or  -problem – a suitable method (or a mix of methods) are going to be recommended in a ‘consultation’.

Depending on focus and workload, an expert from the UCD team will be called in as a contact person for dealing with the respective method to be performed. He/She will support the client all the way from the kickoff-appointment to the presentation of the results.

Further tasks of our lead are method consulting, resource planning, client support, sparring as well as the support of the other members of the UCD team. The team lead also decides which UCD colleague is suitable for a certain area and can support a unit on a specific project.

UCD raises awareness and empowers other teams to recognise and improve usability.

Our Project in 2019:
Team UCD at work

Since we are commissioned by the units and clients, it is not possible to say what the largest project will be in 2019. UCD held a Design Thinking Workshop in mid-February to redesign the article detail page, for example. This redesign will now be accompanied by different usability methods. Simmilar assignments drop in regularly. However, we can not predict what THE major project in 2019 is going to be (or if there even will be an oustandingly big project at all) .

What you can look forward to with us

Generally, you should have a major interest in our customers and a proper understanding of their interests. Usability and user experience should sound familiar to you. Depending on the focus (qualitative or quantitative), suitable candidates could be, for instance, flexible all-rounders with analytical, goal-driven and efficient working methods. Having initial experience in the online industry is an advantage, too. The decision as to who we hire is made by the team collectively – the ‘chemistry’ has to be right.

What would empiriecom without UCD look like?

We would have to drop the "empirie"-part from our name! ;-)

In our current environment of digital transformation, customer centricity should go without saying in every  company. The Team UCD was created in 2007; since then we have completed more than 250 international projects. The shop optimisation, however, will never be finished because our users are constantly changing and developing. ‘Staying tuned’ is the name of the game! And this is exactly what we achieve by recognising our users’ needs and implementing those in an efficient, effective and satisfactory way..


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