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26. Jun 2019
Johannes Haaf
Team Search
Our daily Business

Our team is primarily responsible for the continuous improvement of the search function within the shop, so that our customers always see the best possible results. Even though our search function already has extensive features, there is still a lot that can be improved. Sources for such improvements could be, for instance, new insights or changes regarding product range and data.

Working in two-week sprints, we also take care of the content maintenance of the search function. This means, for example, that we add new synonyms or set up redirects; which, in case of a trend term that does not exist in the product data yet, directly refer to the corresponding sub-shop.

In addition to the search function, we also deal with the product lists of our shops (the user is able to reach those via the navigation). The navigation itself is part of our tasks, too - at least in regards to its functionalities. To put it simple: our team makes it easier for the customer to navigate and helps him/her to find the products he/she is looking for as quickly as possible.

Another part of our business lies in the advancement of various features at the shop interface. An example: A customer clicks his/her way through the women's fashion in the shop and sets the clothing size to "S". If he/she then opens the area “blouses”, the size "S" is going to be adopted and only those blouses that are available in the desired size will be displayed.

Our Project 2019

One of the projects our team is working on intensively, is the replacement of the MMDB (Multi-Media-Database), our product data system, which is somewhat outdated. All the products, including their related information, are stored in this system. Using the new system, we need to make sure that the search function continues to be fed with the data necessary to be searched. Likewise, the data supply of other shop functions – such as the recommendation areas ("This might interest you") – must be ensured.

Team Search

Furthermore, the introduction of the new Frontend named “emma” will represent a huge challenge for us, as we will be first team to work with it. There is still a lot to be tested in order to find the perfect technical ssetup. For “emma”, we must completely redesign all of our templates (search results page, multi-picture view and zero hit page) within the new architecture.

Team Search
Team Search
What would empiriecom do without us?

The search function is a very important part of an online shop since most customers use it to find products faster and easier. This is particularly true for the mobile use of our shop (app and web shop), which is on constant rise.

Our experiences with working agile:

We were very pleased with the switch to an agile way of working. In our field, this presents the only sensible choice in order to deal with the complexity and constant changes in a goal-oriented manner. Developing features within several small steps is an essential advantage in particular. This allows us, for example, to try out adjustments in the search function and – if successful – further refine them. This is how we achieve a continuous improvement of the search function.

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