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31. Jan 2019
Johannes Haaf

It is happening, the empiriecom-teams introduce themselves: Let’s start with "PMO & Controlling".
But what does that actually stand for, what are its tasks and who are the colleagues representing this abbreviation? Following, the team itself sheds some light on it:


Our daily business:

Within the Project Management Office, great emphasis is put on PROJECT MANAGEMENT! One reason for this is represented by the two managers of our team, who deal with a lot of major projects (initiated by our clients BAUR and UNITO) – to coordinate all this, it takes more than 1-2 appointments! Keywords such as Risk Matrix, Status Report, Organisation Charts and Project Controlling are part of our day-to-day business. Anyone who thinks that project managers are solely involved in the planning phase, is wrong: in order to ensure a uniform understanding and smooth cooperation, coordination appointments during the implementation phase are necessary (especially between the teams). Even in the agile world in which we are currently operating, project managers are indispensable – projects will continue to exist anyhow.

Before projects can even start, requirements need to be defined, agreed on between the clients and empiriecom as well as roughly estimated and commissioned. This illustrates an exemplified upper-level process which is defined, trained and – if necessary – adapted within the Project Management Office.

Such kinds of processes are represented within our Ticket System ‘JIRA’ and the Document System ‘Confluence’. Administrative Support for both tools is also provided by our team.

Jira und Confluence

Within the Project Organisation, the programs ‘Jira’ and ‘Confluence’ are used on a global scale – and are also used by empiriecom.

For us, it is very important that processes are going to be enhanced constantly and the user experience (‘Userhandling’) is designed to be as easy as possible to use.

At empiriecom, we already have integrated many agile approaches and trying to work according to the Scrum Framweork as far as it is possible and useful. We conduct certain training courses on agile working methods through, for instance, performing a LEGO-training for our internal and external colleagues as well as for the employees of BAUR and UNITO. By doing this, Scrum Procedures, deadlines and various methods are imparted within the BAUR-Group in a playful manner.

PMO & CO at work

Certainly, we need to keep an eye on the budget and the internal and external capacities in order to be able to plan ahead as well. Although each team is responsible for that, we keep track in order to be ready to take action whenever required.

These and other important tasks (e.g. Contract Management) are supervised by our two controlling colleagues on a daily basis.

As you can see, our team includes a mixed bunch of experts in ‘Numbers’, ‘Tools’, ‘Processes’ and ‘Project Management’; they also act as contact persons for questions and ambiguities within their respective field(s).

Our Project in 2019:
Team App at work

In addition to our day-to-day operations, we have been working on replacing the current Project Planning-Tool by a more modern system.

Why does this task belong to PMO? Thanks to the distribution of tasks within the team! Project Management, Controlling, Tool-Administration as well as Portfolio Management – we are constantly working with this software and thus can make sure that all requirements and Use-Cases are going to be displayed. After quite a time of preparation and conception, we are almost coming down the stretch.

Team App at work
Our new colleagues can look forward to:

You like to have a variety of tasks to work on? Then this is the right place for you. You can expect many different tasks and challenges, which you can either master by your own efforts or with the help of the team.

In our team PMO – Project Management Office – you cannot find any lone fighter, we are all working together! We build our work on each other in order to achieve our common purpose.

Team App at work
...and as a new colleague you have to bring with you:

Since we are working on many different tasks, you should be well organised and have be quick to grasp new things. This is important in order to prioritise the tasks in a meaningful way and being able to work on them in a focused manner. The ability to work independently is essential to us – but no matter what, we are always happy to help if any questions arise and will have a sympathetic ear for you.

The most important thing for our Team PMO is motivation and a whole lot of good vibrations – because we want work to be fun!

"Getting together is a start,

sticking together is progress,

working together is a success,"

(Henry Ford)

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