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27. Feb 2019
Johannes Haaf

The agile teams at empiriecom introduce themselves. Working agile is a perfect way for a company to increase efficiency and responsiveness when it comes to short-term modifications; it is based on flexible, dynamic, creative as well as decisive working methods. The goal is to respond faster and more flexible to customer requirements in order to match up to the market and the competition.

Today, we're introducing TEAM ORDER!


Our daily business

Are you clicking your way through one of our online shops and are adding a product to your shopping cart? – in this case, you have already arrived in the home turf of our ‘Team Order’. It consists of eight members who are working together every two weeks in so called ‘Sprints’. Our areas of responsibility include everything regarding the ordering process in the shops of our clients, for instance, baur.de or universal.at. We organise our area within several steps to provide a better overview:

Start: "add to basket" - as soon as you want to put an article into your virtual shopping cart (most likely coming from a product detail page), we become active. We will add your item accordingly and confirm it again on the screen for you. We also offer you further services, if they are available for the chosen item. This can be a long-term guarantee, an assembly service, a removal of old equipment or any other of our variety of additional services.

Step 1: Shopping cart

We are responsible for the shopping cart; for example, we display a confirmation, if an article was put into the shopping cart.

We also take care of the basic functions: open the shopping cart, change, delete or shift items to the wish list and much more.

If the customer wants to buy his/her desired article, the session proceeds from the shopping cart to the ordering process.

Warenkorb Schritt 1

Step 2: Registration – here we are concerned with the smoothly registration of customers. Whether it is a new customer, an existing customer or someone who just wants to place an order as a guest visitor. For instance, it is important to make sure that the login is secure and easy to use within all terminal devices. We also manage typical functions such as requesting a new password, in case the previous one has been forgotten.

Step 3: Delivery & Payment - We are also responsible for the delivery (to your own address, to a Hermes parcel shop or a different delivery address) and its delivery method (standard delivery, 24-hour delivery or a desired cost-free delivery date, which is going to be available soon). We take care of the different payment methods (PayPal, credit card, invoice or payment by instalments), too. For example, we have to determine which payment methods are going to be offered to which customers. The idea behind is that a customer has different criteria to fulfil.

Step 4: Check & Order – first of all, this is where our customer finds an overview of what he/she has put into his/her shopping cart. Similar to step 1, we edit the area so that items can be changed or deleted once again. Additionally, the customer can have a look at the total amount of his/her order. There are also shown promotions (discounts or sales promotions) in order to display the final invoice amount to the customer.

Within that, we do not only display the shopping cart or offer the possibility to change it, but we also compare our data with the central systems of the Otto Group on a constant basis to make sure that we display the current prices and availabilities.

Warenkorb Schritt  4

In addition to working on various online shops, we also take care of the connection to eBay since some of our clients sell their products there, too. When the customer clicks on an item he/she wants to buy, we collect the data of the order the customer has previously placed on eBay. For this purpose, we process the data and pass it on to our order execution infrastructure, payment processing and all other steps involved in an order. To ensure that this process runs smoothly, we provide eBay with product data, availability and item prices.

One of the other range of tasks our team is concerned with, is the provision of services for other teams of empiriecom. For instance, the “new customer registration”, where telephone numbers need to be verified: we have set up a telephone number service for this, which checks whether an entered phone number from Germany, Austria and Switzerland is correct or even exist. Moreover, we offer a range of services called “Service on Articles”, where – for example – the customer is able to make use of warranty extensions or installation services. These services are also suggested to our customers within the shopping cart.

Our project for 2019:

The integration of Payback will be a major project: the customers will be able to collect Payback points in the BAUR shop and redeem them at other Payback partners. 

Our experience with working agile:

The "agilisation" made it possible for us to further specialise on a specific topic and we no longer have to be familiar with all the shop’s systems at once. Due to this thematic division, everyone had been able to develop a deeper knowledge in his/her respective area and can now work much more effectively.

Since everyone is working within its own area, we may run the risk of losing the outside view and thinking solely about one’s own topic. But we face this challenge as a team and try to solve such risks through even better communication. 


Describing our team with three words:

Coolness, commitment, cooperation


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