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12. Apr 2019
Johannes Haaf

A three-person camera team from ‘Bayerischer Rundfunk’ had been roaming around on the BAUR-premises for three days. One of its stops to display the “Merchants in E-Commerce”, the new job that requires formal training, was the Uselab of our Team UCD.

Dreharbeiten BR

Within the last ten years, "Merchants in E-Commerce" has been the first new commercial training occupation on the market and had mainly been initiated by BAUR. Since September 1st 2018, school graduates have been able to be trained in this occupation. Around 1300 such trainees have been employed in ‘eCommerce’ in Germany in 2018 – five of them at BAUR.

A camera team from BR Television has spent three days at BAUR to learn more about the training occupation. The film footage has been shot for the ARD alpha format "Ich mach's!” ('I'm doing it!'). The show presents one training occupation and all the central information surrounding it every week, so that prospective trainees can get an overview of their different career options. The editorial team’s aim had been to present the training occupation “Merchants in E-Commerce” through as many different facets as possible.

The eCommerce-trainees – supported by the respective training officers from the specialist departments – have guided the camera team through the various departments of the BAUR Group.
empiriecom’s trainees Aileen and Tim have introduced them to the Usability Laboratory of our User Centered Design (UCD)-Team. Our UCD-Consultants Katharina and Steffen had also been on site, demonstrated a usability test for the shooting and have given insights into the survey room as well as the observation room.

We have interviewed Katharina and Steffen to give you all the details about the test and how shooting a video with the BR works

Why – specifically – has your team been chosen and filmed?

Our department “Usability” is one of the stations trainees have to pass in their second or third year with us.

Our User Centered Design team offers user and usability research as services for our clients. We analyse usage contexts in order to determine which requirements a product (or service) actually has to fulfil. Following this, we develop solutions and test them on the user, i.e. the customer, by using both, qualitative and quantitative methods.


For more information about the tasks of the User Centered Design Team, follow our teamintroduction "empirieCOMMUNITY: Team UCD".

What kind of test is it? And why is it necessary?

With the help of a Usability Test we examine the usability of an interactive system in cooperation with future users. Problems and weaknesses that have been discovered can be discussed in detail by the interview leader and test persons, while the observer records the session.

Dreharbeiten BR
What is needed for the process?

It is important to have an empathic interviewer who guides the individual test subjects throughout the test, i.e. providing use cases, observing the procedure and asking questions pointedly. Our respondents, who represent future users and thus the target group, should be open minded and communicative.

We coordinate the research object or -topic with the respective unit in advance. A guideline is then designed on the basis of the research questions, which helps the interviewer conducting the individual interview. It makes sure that all relevant questions can be answered - no matter in which order. For detailed observation and logging, we need suitable hardware and software in order to record the interview and transfer it to the observation room.

Dreharbeiten BR
How are the recordings or a usability test evaluated?

The evaluation is primarily based on the observation protocol as well as the discussion of special features and findings after an interview has ended. As soon as the survey has been completed, all findings are aggregated. They are then measured by severity of the problem and the estimated frequency of occurrences, and violations of the "dialogue principles" are taken into account as well.

Following this, a knowledge workshop will be held together with the commissioning team, in which we work on recommendations and solutions. Finally, we summarise our findings and recommendations in a presentation of the results.

The video recording is only kept as a backup or fallback until the end of the project. Subsequently, all survey data is deleted in accordance with data protection regulations.

How long did the shooting take?

It felt like an eternity :-), however, our part has been limited to about 60 minutes.

Dreharbeiten BR
Was there any stagefright? Or have you been able to "rehearse" before?

We have been kind of restless and excited because we had received a briefing shortly before the actual video shoot.

Of course, we had already gathered some ideas about what to present. Ergo, we had two strategies: plan A was to create an interview situation and plan B to explain the usability test method to an apprentice while having a conversation and using examples to illustrate our explanations. In the end, however, it came down to Plan D (=Director) :-)

In cooperation with our trainees, we have simulated both, an interview situation and an observation situation; meaning that, in reality, we could not “rehearse”. Anyway, it had been really fun and an interesting experience; we are curious about the amount of seconds we are going to be seen in the entire film.

The result of the film shooting had been shown on ARD-alpha on Monday, April 15 2019, at 10 am. After the broadcast, you can also find the film in the "Ich mach's!"media library

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