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19. Dez 2018
Johannes Haaf
Ansprechpartner Patrick

Today is the day: The interview at empiriecom. It is not unusual to be a bit excited, of course. You want to make a good impression and convince the company of your capabilities within a short period of time, after all. So how does it work? Who will I have the interview with and what questions will they ask me? Am I the right person for the job and are my skills sufficient for the job? The man in the picture, Mr. Meling, looks nice enough. It will probably be alright...

Typical questions that (especially young) applicants ask themselves shortly before an interview.
Our new blog post about the application process at empiriecom will demonstrate that doubts of any kind turn out to be unfounded. At empiricom, the application process does not end with a handshake after 30 minutes of a question-and-answer game. But what can you expect instead?
Your contact person Patrick has clarified the most important aspects and questions.

Interviews? Multiple? What does your application process look like?

Our application process is divided into three stages. Once you have found us (or we have found you), the first step is to send us your documents and give us a first impression of you. If it matches our expectations, we would like to get to know you in a first interview; usually in the form of a video interview. After a few days, we will contact you in order to talk about whether we, and – of course – you, think it's a good match. If both sides agree, the following third step will be an invitation to a personal interview in Weismain.

What can I expect from a first conversation in a video interview?

At first, we want to get to know you and learn something about you. What have you done so far?
What are your strengths and what are the thing(s) you are particularly good at?
We do not follow a strict set plan. We want to start a dialogue with you about topics such as:
What can empiriecom offer you?
What can you offer us and how well do we fit together?
Generally, the interview lasts a maximum of 1 hour. Most of the time, there are three of us: you, a representative of the department and a colleague from HR.

You do not have to play a role, just be yourself!
What should I prepare for?

Intensive preparation is not necessary - you can leave the nervousness at home!
Just be who you are – that is the way we want to get to know you.
We are looking forward to meet a motivated applicant who wants to work at our company and help us move empiriecom forward.
We try to create a relaxed, comfortable and friendly atmosphere from the very beginning

Ansprechpartner Patrick
Questions, questions, questions!

The most exciting conversations are those in which we are challenged by our applicants. This means that you do not have to stifle any questions you might have. We welcome critical questions whenever it suits the case. Because: Honesty has never done damage! Therein, you demonstrate that you have your own mind and be able to contribute your ideas to empiriecom.

What do you pay special attention to in an applicant?

Generally, this depends on the job you are applying for. For example: if you are here for a job as a developer, we will pay attention to the technical skills you have acquired during your studies, training or practical work. What tools did you use? Which systems did you get to know and which development languages have you mastered?

But even more importan to us is your personality and character! We would like to find an employee who harmonises well with our colleagues and enhances our teams, with the goal of making sure that there is successful cooperation among our employees at empiriecom.

Be the missing piece of the puzzle to complete our team!
Along the Customer Journey, online shops offer many possible fields of work for me. But I am not sure which team would fit for me…

When you apply at empiriecom, we do not place you in a specific team right away. Nothing is going to be decided from the outset. Usually, we are looking for people for multiple teams and like to find out which area would fit you best by having a conversation.

Bye, waterfall - cheers agile!
I have never worked agile. Is it aprerequisite?

We are currently looking for experienced specialists for the positions Scrum Master and Product Owner, who should already have experience in these professions. In general, however, we are known for giving beginners a chance.

For our developers it's all about: “Learning by Doing!”. Thanks to the support of your colleagues, you will quickly gain an outline of your day-to-day work and become familiar with the agile way of working. In addition, we offer trainings, such as the Agile Basic Knowledge-Training.

Step 1 ✔ - and now?
You have completed the first interview and the appointment for the second meeting is set. What am I to expect?

You will visit us in in Weismain for about half a day to experience everything live and in colour. Different representatives of the specialist areas – you may already know some of them from the first conversation – will show you around. They will introduce you to your possible future team and you will have time to get to know each other. The colleagues have the opportunity to take a closer look at you as a potential new team member. You will not only get to know each other professionally, but also on an interpersonal level. Moreover, some discussions with the staff and the management are on the agenda.

Be yourself – we don't bite!
I get along well with the team and everything else seems to fit, too. What happens next?

With this, you have successfully overcome the main hurdles!
What is so special about us, is that our colleagues have a say in whether you fit in with the team and be able to complete the puzzle. So your chances are good. The final decision is going to be made soon after the second meetup. Usually, you will receive our feedback within a few days.

As you can see, we take lots of time and start a dialogue with you.
Everything is supposed to be completely relaxed. That is exactly the way you should approach your interview – fully relaxed!

We are looking forward to hear from you!
Ansprechpartner Patrick

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