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22. Feb 2019
Johannes Haaf

You would like to apply to us, but there are still some questions popping up in your head?

We have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about ‘career’ and ‘application’ at empiriecom in cooperation with our recruiter Marcel.

Recruiter Marcel

General Information

Me working at empiriecom - Why could this be a perfect match?

Are you interested in both, new technologies and in working in e-commerce? You may have already worked with Scrum, Kanban & Co.? Awesome! Then empiriecom is the right place for you!

We act in an innovative environment and want to be at the cutting edge of technology. For example, we work in cloud environments and use React, Docker, Kubernetes, native Apps, ELK and Talend for BI or Microservices. Our company is incorporated into the Otto Group, but we do operate independently – a kind of start-up within the Group. This allows us to benefit from an exchange of knowledge and training opportunities within the BAUR Group and the entire Otto Group.

At empiriecom we are not looking for perfectly smooth cut diamonds, but rather for employees having rough edges who have a realistic view about where they are in life and what they want. We are looking forward to new ideas and impulses in order shape the future of e-commerce together.

You are looking for certain level of security and would like to take advantage of the benefits a corporate group is offering but still appreciate the advantages of a Start-Up? Then empiriecom is the right place for you! We attach great importance to topics such as cultural change and New Work!

What do you mean by "New Work"?

Read our new blog post ‘New Work at empiriecom’ to find out about New Work, Work Anywhere & Co.

What further training opportunities does empiriecom offer?

There are numerous opportunities for on-the-job-training, qualifications and trainings within the BAUR Group and the Otto Group. We particularly appreciate the internal exchange between the experts of empiriecom, BAUR and the entire Otto Group; for example in the form of internships/work shadowing throughout the Group. Additionally, empiriecom as well as the group offer further training opportunities such as ‘Communities of Practice’ and ‘Open-Space Workshops’ to provide room for new ideas and issues. 

No question: we also support you in taking part in external training opportunities (such as certification, conference visits, etc.) – as long as it brings further impetus foryou, your team or empiriecom and fits your tasks. Please feel free to inform us of your wishes and ideas.

What career opportunities does empiriecom offer?

Thanks to the agile way of working, empiriecom has very flat hierarchical structures. ‘Advancement’ means to us that you are able to take on more responsibility, assume bigger projects or specialise in a specific subject area. The continuous development of our employees – both on a professional and personal level – is one of our priorities. For instance, you can actively participate through presenting new topics and ideas and further promoting them independently or as a part of the team.

All doors are open to you! It is up to you. 

Let's talk gear: what about working equipment?

You are welcome to express your wishes as to which hardware you would prefer to work with. For example, you can choose the operating system of your laptop or computer: Windows, Mac OS, Linux or whatever you like. 

You offer "flexible working hours". What is the time frame I am allowed to arrive at the office in the morning?

When we say "flexible" – we mean it.

As long as it does not collide with your appointments and compromises the cooperation with your team, you can do your work whenever you want.

But why come to the office at all? We also offer Homeoffice and Work Anywhere options, which you can make use of upon consultation with your team. Take a look here.

I would prefer to work in Bamberg/I would prefer to work in Weismain. Is that possible?

Basically yes. Only a few jobs are really tied to one specific location. In any case, we will find a solution that suits your wishes.

Marcel Binzenhöfer

Awww look at how cute he is! Like a funny little recruiting-chipmunk! He's gonna be sooo mad when he realises that I wrote this about him, hahahahah


Unfortunately, I cannot find a good match for me in the offered positions. Is it possible to send an unsolicited application?

Sure, just use our contact form on this site or send an e-mail to contact@empiriecom.com or contact one of our colleagues directly, who you can find via Xing; for instance, you could get in touch with our recruiter Marcel Binzenhöfer.

When I apply via your website, I am getting redirected to BAUR's applicant portal. Is that correct?

Yes, everything is fine. We are part of the BAUR Group, which, in turn, is a part of the larger Otto Group. We share a common HR department with other subsidiaries. This enables us to take care of both, applicants and employees, in a faster and better manner. No worries, your application will reach us.

Which documents should I enclose with my application?

Your application should include: a cover letter, your CV and the important certificates. Please add further certificates, qualifications or project successes as you wish. It is very important that your documents make clear why you want to be a part of our team.

What does the application process look like after I have submitted my application?

You can find everything about the application process in our blog post: "RecruitingInsights: Interview(s) at empiriecom". Check it out!

If I come over for an interview, will my travel expenses be refunded?

Absolutely! It does not matter if you travel by car, bus or train, we will cover your travel expenses.

You will find further details in your invitation.

Are there still some questions left? You are welcome to write a comment, send a message to contact@empiriecom.com or contact our recruiter Marcel directly at +49 9572 6093334 or via Xing.

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