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08. Mai 2019
Johannes Haaf

What we have learned about self-marketing:

The attentive reader will have noticed that empiriecom has been explained, described, screened and presented in various formats within recent weeks.
The very attentive reader will even have noticed that, less than a year ago, there had been no current information about empiriecom at all (well, there was this outdated website, but we would rather not go into detail here…).

A complete re-thinking has taken place: starting from a total lack of communication, up to a revised internet presence including weekly blog posts, our own Instagram-, Facebook- and Twitter-Profile and our participation in all trade fairs and conferences that are attracting our attention.
The reasons for this are very simple: Of course we want to stimulate professional exchange and pass on knowledge, but it would be a lie to claim that it is not primarily about profane self-portrayal. empiriecom is growing rapidly due to the success of its products and is looking for new colleagues, who are willing to support this growth.

Well, we could have easily commissioned an advertising agency to put a few models in front of a camera, slap a cool slogan on it and produce a glossy campaign for us (that would definitely have taken up less time and effort – and probably less money, too), but it would not be "us"  – or our way of working and thinking at all. Instead, we have decided to roll up our digital sleeves and acquire the knowledge ourselves or bring it into our company through others.

The person responsible for our empiriecom presence:


In order to start our first project (a video series about being part of our team) using the necessary know-how, we had been able to excite the prospective marketing expert Michaela for an internship at empiriecom. After she originally strayed from her home of Tann (Rhoen in Hessia) to study at the university of Schmalkaden, we managed to convince her to move to beautiful Upper Franconia – by the way, together with her own horse.


Once she had arrived in a presentable region and had been surrounded by decent people for a change, she has started designing, filming, discarding, cutting, etc. together with empiriecom colleague Katrin. In the beginning, we had overstepped the mark in terms of both, budget and work safety.

Security and controlling departments where - understandably - not too thrilled by our plans to use generous amounts of pyrotechnics (also, the fully grown cow we needed for scene 4 was too big for the elevator).

But, after we cut our plans down to a more realistic size, we soon saw results: a series of short videos about working methods and the different roles people at empiriecom was our first success.

The internet is just a hype

Encouraged by the very positive feedback on our videos, Michaela had been able to move on to the next assignment right away: the creation of a company blog. However, it quickly became clear that ‘planning’ and ‘reality’ were quite far apart here, too. We had planned loads of very technical content: the intention had been to present solutions for code problems, instructions for software production and the like. But we have quickly realised that our readers are much more interested in our company, our teams and our (agile) daily routine. Not a problem – Michaela has adapted the selection of topics to the readers’ wishes in less than no time by making use of the best agile mindset.
In order to reach a wider audience, there is no getting around the use of the main social media networks – so appearances on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were the logical consequence.


In order to maintain a meaningful overview and professional standard while dealing with all these projects (we did not include “empirical” into our name just for fun), Michaela has come rushing to our aid once again: as a bachelor student at empiriecom (following her internship at our company), her thesis on "Building Employer Branding with the help of Storytelling by using the example of empiriecom GmbH & Co. KG" represented a perfect win-win situation: she was able to test her best practices and ideas, which she was describing in her bachelor's thesis, as part of our corporate communication endeavors and we – in turn – have benefited from her know-how.

Michaela (who – by now – has an excellent bachelor's degree and is still with us as a working student) has compiled the most important findings of her journey:

  • Authenticity is essential
  • Use your own employees for content production
  • Offer insights "behind the scenes”
  • Editorial plans for resource allocation
  • Integration of Social Media
  • Combine different kinds of media (pictures, videos, ...)
  • Obtain employee feedback
  • Be flexible and bold – "agile" Employer Branding
  • Draw internal attention to new contributions
Important Skills:
  • Organisational and persuasive talent and tenacity
  • Knowledge in photography and image processing
  • Verbal and written skills
  • Flexibility when it comes to short-term changes
  • Ingenuity
  • Openness and communicative skills

So, what's next?

Some time soon, we are going to expand the series of contributions "empiriecom people", which, in addition to the more technical topics, is also providing insights into the hobbies, interests and projects of our employees. What we have in mind is to realise different kinds of video projects with new, professional equipment in order to let you see more of our daily work. We do not want to reveal everything as of yet – give us a chance to surprise you!

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